FAQs and Tips About The Rock Your Finals Postcards

We have received several questions over the past two semesters regarding the Rock Your Finals postcards that we want you to know and remember. Please take some time to read this blog post before sending out your postcard. Thanks again for your participation! postcard

1. Are these postcards free?

The postcards that are provided at our listening matters tables at the “Student Leadership and Involvement Center” (SLIC) are free of charge to all UW Oshkosh students. The only charge is sending them off of campus.

2. Can we send these off-campus?

Just make sure you get a stamp and envelope from Titan Central so they can send it via campus mail. However, there is a small fee to do this. If you don’t want to buy a stamp, you can just give the postcard by hand!

3. Do I need to know the person’s room number and address prior to sending a postcard?

If you’re sending a postcard, research or ask about your friend’s room number or address, prior to sending the postcard. You can still take a postcard if you don’t know this information. Just make sure to know it before sending it.

4. Can campus mail and the residence halls send these postcards for me?1506637_739432622746826_2169777020656719391_n

Campus mail and the residence halls will take care of sending these postcards. There is no charge in the residence halls. That’s because campus mail and residence mail are different. Residence halls’ inter-campus mail can be found at the front desk of each hall.



Helpful tips:

1. Language matters: do not write negative, derogatory, or hurtful messages on your “Rock Your Finals” postcards and Listening Matters pledges

The goal of these postcards and pledges are to encourage people to do well on their finals week. We will NOT send out postcards that contain any inappropriate language directed towards others.  Please be respectful since these are sent to those that want your support and kind words.

2. Do not appropriate or vandalize these postcards

Defacing the Listening Matters postcards will not be tolerated. All of these tips and information are designed to help you send your postcards more successfully.

We hope by bringing to light these concerns, we will encourage future participation, discourage negative behavior while making this postcard campaign more inclusive.