How to Rock Those Finals This Semester We are pleased to announce the return of last semester’s successful “Rock Your Finals” postcard campaign for the Spring. marissa If this is the first time hearing about this campaign, here is more information about it. The “Rock Your Finals” campaign is part of the Listening Matters message about recognizing emotional distress such as depression, anxiety and stress and how to address it through our slogan be REALL.  When we say be REALL, we’re talking about Reaching out, Expressing concern, Asking questions, Listening and Linking to helpful resources such as the Counseling Center which is FREE and confidential. We’re committed to improving the well-being of students and minimizing distress. Student Health 101b To get more students active with this message, we came up with the idea to write postcards with positive messages to each other that will be sent and received during finals week. We know finals week is a stressful time and hope this helps decrease the stress. Our goal is for students to build a support system where they feel more connected to campus and to each other. One Pledge Card All of this is taking place, starting Monday, May 5th through Friday, May 9th.  The postcard campaign event is located in the residence halls (check the halls for time), Reeve (Tuesday, May 6th from 11:30 am- 1:00 pm only) and Polk library (Monday, May 5th through Thursday, May 8th from 6 pm-7 pm).   For those in the residence halls, postcards will be delivered during finals week starting Monday, May 12th.  We  hope to see you at our tables! For more information on Listening Matters, visit the UMatter website and like us on Facebook. For more information about the Counseling Center, go to the Counseling Center page. What are some other ways that you can Rock Those Finals this semester? Here are 5 simple solutions. There’s more, but here’s what you can do to start. 1. Exercise regularly Research shows that just 15 minutes of exercise can improve memory and cognitive function. So, drop those books, and lift those weights! You may think you don’t have time to because all of those exams, papers, and projects, but your brain will thank you later! The Student Recreation and Wellness Center is open until midnight. You have plenty of time to fit in that workout. 2. Get adequate sleep When it comes to finals week, you may think it’s a good time to pull an all-nighter for that exam. However, adequate sleep is crucial for brain function, good judgment, reaction, and of course, consistent grammar.  It’s likely you will be confused, draw blanks, and feel too much like a zombie the day of the exam if you procrastinate until the night before the exam. So, study a little bit each day and take breaks, or even a nap! 3.  Drink lots of water Your brain can process so much better when you adequately hydrate. So grab that BPA-free UMatter water bottle and start chugging! 4. Set an agenda Set a realistic study schedule. Also keep in mind, your body needs to recover after bouts of intense work. You need to set aside for your brain to relax. This is what we can “the spacing effect.” So, in between sets of studying at Polk Library during finals week, come by our tables and chat with us as a break. 5. Compress information into acronyms We have the be REALL acronym  for a reason. It’s easy to remember. Using mnemonic devices, acronyms, or rhymes helps you remember information that much quickly. Converting that knowledge into graphical or visual form is a way that can help you as well. Lastly, make sure you stay confident. We hope that by these postcards you will be more confident to take your exams with the knowledge that there’s a strong support system cheering you on. So Rock Those Finals!