Safety Matters: What I Wish I Knew Freshman Year As A CSO

2013-08-29 CSO 28

Nicholas Fleischhacker

As a Freshman, I would have never known about the security stations or bringing your ID if I wasn’t a CSO.  I’m hardly ever out past security station set up.

2013-08-29 CSO 8

Austin Riska

I believe most freshman think safewalks would be awkward and uncomfortable, but since becoming a CSO I realized how cool the program is and know that you are just walking with other students.

2013-08-29 CSO 24

Kyle Beck

As a CSO, I’ve learned how the check in process at the dorms work.  I’m a junior now, and as a commuter my first two years I did not have a lot of knowledge about that. I’ve learned how this process makes our campus much safer.

2013-08-29 CSO 38

Randi Murray

As a CSO, I’ve come to know campus so much more, and being a freshman this has really helped!  I’ve come to know many of the RHDs and ARHDs on campus.  Being a part of the CSO family that helps keep everyone safe is the greatest college experience I could ask for.

2013-08-29 CSO 33

Nakeeta Giebel

Being a CSO, transfer student, and commuter, I have noticed that there is a lot of behind the scenes effort put in to safety and security on campus.  As a freshman, I think it would be nice to know that there is always someone keeping you safe.  Security stations provide a nice buffer for the students to know who is allowed inside their building.

2013-08-29 CSO 11

Lauren Bucheger

I feel like a lot of people think security stations are a waste of time and a hassle.  They should know that we have these for safety that restricted people are not let into the dorms, and so that everyone who goes in after 9pm is safe.  Security stations are not there to bust people for underage drinking.  As CSOs, we know that we keep restricted people out of the building and have prevented sexual assaults from happening.

2013-08-29 CSO 35

Elizabeth Owen

As a freshman, I wish I would have known about safewalks and that they go from lot 39.  It was a long, lonely walk in the winter.

2013-08-29 CSO 37

Whitney Hoffman

I think the biggest thing I have learned is that as a student, you do not need to fear campus police or the CSOs.  I think more students should be exposed to us and that our goal is to keep them safe.

2013-08-29 CSO 10

Deidre Hardy

Though this may not be too much of a safety related topic, many Freshmen do not know that they can park free on campus during the weekends.

2013-08-29 CSO 32

Jeb Newton

I have been learning many things by being a CSO, and I still learn something new every shift I work.  I learned more about security stations and what purpose they serve.  Also, I learned how to sound professional.  I think that people are under the impression that CSOs are out to bust people, but that is not the case.  I wish people could understand more that we are here to help them.