Learning about Listening Matters

Have you noticed a change in a friend’s behavior lately and not sure how to address it?

Listening Matters wants you to be REALL about these worries.  When we say be REALL, we’re talking about reaching out, expressing concern, asking questions, listening and linking to helpful resources such as the Counseling Center which is FREE and confidential. We’re committed to improving the well being of students and minimizing distress.

One of our goals is to help students feel more connected with others on campus. With finals week soon approaching, we understand that students are under a lot of stress, and thought of the idea to have them write and send positive messages on postcards to each other. In doing this, we hope students realize they are not alone and that we are helping them build a support system. On the week of Nov. 18-22, Listening Matters will have tables set up in the residence halls and in Reeve for those who are interested. Students can also sign a pledge. This pledge is a promise for the individual to show their support if they know or suspect someone who may be feeling down. For those in the residence halls the postcards will be delivered during finals week starting December 9th. We  hope to see you at our tables.

For more information visit the U Matter link on the UW Oshkosh website and like us on Facebook!

For more information about the Counseling Center, check out the UW Oshkosh website!


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