What did you say?

That’s so… unnecessary

By: Nat Unger, U Matter Social Media/PR Intern

How many times have you walked around campus and heard someone say “Gay” in a way that is disrespectful and does not encompass what the words really mean?

“That’s so gay.”

Let’s spend some time interpreting what this phrase could mean.  First, for some definitions of the word gay.  Google brought back:

Adjective-(of a person, esp. a man) Homosexual.

Noun-A homosexual, esp. a man.thats-so-gay-racist-jokes

Synonyms-merry – cheerful – jolly – joyful – blithe – mirthful

So when someone says, “That’s so gay,” it could mean, “That’s so homosexual” or “That’s so jolly!”  But for some reason, these are not necessarily what people are trying to say when they say that phrase.  Besides, a cruddy homework assignment probably isn’t jolly, and it probably doesn’t identify as a male who is attracted to males.

When people say, “That’s so gay,” they are saying that something is stupid.  In this way, the phrase tears apart someone’s identity because suddenly gay becomes a synonym for stupid.  That’s not fair to someone who is gay, now is it?

Unless you’re using gay as a term for someone’s identity, or perhaps saying that something is cheerful or joyful, you probably shouldn’t be saying that something is gay.  So instead of throwing around someone’s identity, it would be better if you use words that actually fit the situation.


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