Mocktails are a Delicious and Safe Alternative

BAC Matters is one facet of a much larger campus initiative called UMatter.  The goal of BAC Matters is to encourage students to make safe and responsible decisions regarding the use of alcohol while avoiding the negative consequences that can result.  One of the main ways we work to accomplish this goal is through our delicious MOCKTAILS!

“What exactly is a mocktail?”  Mocktails are like cocktails… but better!  They are fun, mixed drinks that don’t contain any alcohol, taste just as good if not better, are often times much healthier for you, and won’t break the bank.  Those are just a few of the 102 reasons we have come up with to drink mocktails.  You really can’t go wrong sipping on one of these drinks all night long.  The list of mocktails is endless, so whether you like super sweet drinks, or sour/bitter drinks with a bite, you’ll be sure to find one you love.

If you prefer not to drink alcohol, but still want to go out with your friends, mocktails are for you!   You can order just about any drink as a mocktail (just ask the bartender to make your drink “virgin”).  You’ll avoid any pressure to drink because people really can’t tell if you’re holding an alcoholic drink or not.  Having a mocktail in your hand will be sure to alleviate you from any pressuring comments you might receive, and/or help keep you from feeling awkward and left out.  Mocktails are also a great way to pace yourself if you do choose to drink.

If you’ve never tried a mocktail before, or have never been able to attend one of the many mocktail programs BAC Matters helps host, be sure to check for future programs throughout campus!


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