Glow Party Gets Students Involved

Hello everyone!

My name is You Yang, I’m a Community Adviser in South Gruenhagen. I am writing about November 18th’s program: “Glow Party 2012: Don’t Give In, Don’t Give Up, Give Back” program put on my my fellow staff members and I. The event ran from 10pm-2am in Titan Lounge in Gruenhagen Conference Center. This campus event incorporated a ton of aspects that my coworkers and I thought residents and students would really enjoy!
First of all, last year in 2011 my co Therese Schwarz and I decided to do Glow Party as a social program for residents. This event started out as a social, something for residents on a Friday night and an alternative to going out and consuming alcohol. After all the funding requests and all the sponsors, the event turned out to be such a success the two of us decided that this year in 2012 we’d do it again. Along with the full support of our staff members and a few other CAs from other buildings, 2012’s “Glow Party: Don’t Give In, Don’t Give Up, Give Back” again delivered a big hit with +172 attendants.
With all the help from our staff this year, Therese, Matt and I agreed to make 2012’s Glow Party meaningful, educational, open to campus, and to be still fun.
We kept a lot of aspects that worked for us last year as well as improvise and introduce new things. After successfully receiving our funding from USRH and Pepsi Funds, we went straight to work!
First of all, we advertised all throughout campus. Reeve Union put our programs in academic buildings and inside Reeve Union building. Therese Schwarz and Matt Wolfert also worked on a glass display case in Reeve advertising the event. Graphic Artist Alex designed an amazing eye-catching poster and advertised our program on Campus Vision.
A group of us traveled throughout Oshkosh visiting local business big and small with donation letters asking if businesses would like to donate gift cards or coupons to our event to be raffled in a non-perishable food drive. We as a staff wanted to reach out to the community as well as help residents and students reach out as well. Any donated items were incentives to students or residents to bring canned goods to the events and win amazing prizes. Although, we would advise you to go earlier and ask around. A month ahead of time, since some donation decisions go through corporate, need more time, or you personally have to contact them and submit some paperwork. However, we received decent donations, e.g. ($50 Wal-Mart Gift Card, $20 Kodiak Jacks Gift Card, 12 Free Big Apple Bagel coupon, and FVTC donated Barnes and Nobles Gift cards as well at T-Shirts, etc)
We welcomed back our DJ from last year, Drew Kopitzke to play at our event. Residents raved about his performance and he kept the crowd dancing till 2 AM!
We also had Chris Reno from Omega Delta Phi Fraternity return to sponsor our event with Monster Energy Drinks. Their generous support greatly boosted our program and the attendees to the program loved it! I mean, who doesn’t love free stuff? It was cool seeing people’s faces as they carried in the Monster Energy drinks and they were gone within the hour! Chris tells me loves supporting the program and the cause, and this way their fraternity gets to reach out to the community and as well as more students.
The first comers got to decorate their own white tees with highlighter and we gave everyone who entered a glow bracelet and glow stick. A few of our fellow staff members did an awesome job spray painting black table cloths we bought from the dollar store with glow in the dark paint so we could tape them on the windows in Titan Lounge to block out the light. We went all out and even hanged battery operated string lights out in the entrance of GCC to direct students and residents to our program!
We were very proud to obtain 3 big boxes full of donated non-perishables from the food drive which we will be donating to the Salvation Army. It was way more than we had expected. As an incentive, we raffled off the donated items from businesses, we offered bundles likes laundry packs, snack packs, 24″ black light, 19″ LCD HDTV, and an IPod Shuffle. Why such extravagant prizes? We wanted to give away prizes students would actually want to win, the motivation behind the food drive was offering these great prizes and it turned out great!
Another new addition besides the food drive was Mocktails. Julie Gallagher, the representative for BAC Matters for the U Matters Campaign kindly hosted the Mocktail bar all night and informed students on the safety of drinking, peer pressure, and how to make non-alcoholic drinks. Mocktails in addition to this year’s glow party was a huge success! It was quite the experience to dance to your favorite songs, give back to your community, and be educated on alcohol all in the same night.
Everyone did a great job into making the program run smoothly and I guarantee everyone who attended had a ton of fun! We hope to continue Glow Party next year and improve it to make it better! 

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