Nightmare on Elmwood Provides Alternate Activities

Nightmare on ElmwoodBy: Lori Ligocki

The second annual Nightmare on Elmwood event gave residents more than just something to do on a Thursday night.

Every year, as the Halloween season creeps its way onto the UW Oshkosh campus, and students are often faced with choices and temptations to partake in inappropriate activities. Sponsored by the UMatter campaign, under BAC Matters, Nightmare on Elmwood is one event that provides students with alternative activities that is not only fun but also educational.

With the vibrant dance music booming throughout the Titan Underground and the festive Halloween decorations, the environment was welcoming and spooktacular.

As students walked into the underground, they were greeted by event staff who offered raffle tickets for them to receive a free, tasty mocktail. Along the side of the dance floor were trivia games where students learned about the importance of responsible drinking and managing their BAC and won raffle tickets for free prizes.

Students not only had fun at this event but also learned how to have responsible fun.


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