Actions Really Do Matter!

Action Matters

As we all know, words can be powerful. How one chooses to use his/her words determines the impacts on other individuals. With that being said, I’d like to share a recent experience I had on the beloved “Facebook.” So, I’m casually strolling through my news feed, filtering out the nonsense that far too many individuals deem necessary to share on a regular basis. As I do, I run across a picture of a young female, whose torso is exposed, but is otherwise completely covered up. From this photo alone, I would guess the female to be in her early 20’s. The image was posted by a seemingly arrogant and self-righteous male, posting the photo with these demeaning comments:

“That awkward moment when you post a picture trya change what I think of you…dont tag me in your potbelly picture..she asked for it…

*Has a potbelly pig gut

*Tinyass legs that look stupid

*No tits

*Love handles

*Pants that dont even fit

*Shes skinny in all the wrong spots and bigger in right spot….

*Willy wonka wants his makeup back..certified potbelly pig..go find babe”

When I first viewed this, I had no idea where to even begin. My first instinct was to lash out and spew my harsh opinions about this individual’s complete lack of respect, which I find unacceptable and ignorant. Who is he to judge another individual and make derogatory remarks, dissecting her appearance? However, as I took further notice, I saw that over 280 people had commented on the image, most standing up for the female in the photo. Not only was I impressed by these individual’s strength and unity, it was reassuring to know that this man’s behavior is atypical and not something deemed acceptable.

Caught in a similar situation or the target of such harassment? UMatter, specifically Action Matters, is on your side. Action Matters seeks to empower individuals to act when others stand idly by. Additionally, it urges individuals to speak up and take action if found in a similar situation. Ask yourself, “Do I speak up and take action and if so, how?” Your actions could save a life, change someone’s perspective, or empower others to take a stand. Don’t be a bystander. Follow us  at


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