Consent Matters- Pure Romance, the birds and bees your parents didn’t teach you

As many of you know, a substantial part of your college career is the relationships you build with other people. Especially the relationships you build with significant others or partners in your life. The key to making any type of relationship work is communication. Communication is necessary to have productive, healthy disagreements. It is necessary to be able to take relationships to a new level, to gain others trust. And believe it or not, communication is also a very important key to having a good sexual relationship.

For some of us this point may be better illustrated by past experiences. If you’ve ever had a sexual relationship with someone you didn’t know well, the mutual gratification was probably nowhere near as high as the sexual relationships you’ve had with a significant other. Why is this normally the case? It’s most likely because there was a lack of communication. You don’t know what the other person enjoys and likewise they don’t know your personal thoughts and feelings. Now, I know you’re all wondering; what is the best way to have strong communication with your partner?

While I don’t have the answers for you, I know someone who does. Through my participation in C.A.R.E. (Colleges for the Awareness of Relationship Education) at UW Oshkosh I’ve been given the opportunity to connect with resources that have a lot of information on how to have a healthy relationship. But don’t worry… I won’t keep these resources to myself. On Thursday, April 26th at 7pm in Reeve Union 227A C.A.R.E will be hosting, “The naked truth presents: Pure Romance, the birds and bees your parents didn’t teach you”. Now, what is exceptionally cool about this event is that unlike many Pure Romance Events, our event is for both women and men. Your relationships and sex should be mutually enjoyable and you need communication to make that happen. Come join C.A.R.E. to find out tips to having a great, passionate relationship. Bring your significant other or come with friends! Pure Romance products will be available to purchase but more importantly you have the opportunity to learn exceptional advise on how to have healthy enjoyable relationships throughout your life. If interested in learning more about the event or C.A.R.E. check out our Facebook page UW Oshkosh CARE.


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