Reeve “Action Matters” Training

On February 12, I participated in the Reeve student employee’s spring training session. This semester the theme of the training was focused on one of the six Umatter facets, Action Matters.

The presenter, Mike Alterkruse, who works at the University Counseling Center, started the training off with a slide that stated the goals of Action Matters, which boils down to reducing the bystander effect.

An interesting part of the presentation that helped to shake us all of our Sunday sleepiness was a snow ball fight. Although not a literal snow ball fight, we still had fun by writing a few sentences about a time we may or may not have intervened in a situation on a piece of paper and then throwing it across the room.

To aid in explaining what the bystander effect is Mike used several YouTube clips that did a great job keeping the audience interested and amused as well. The videos were real-life clips of situations where several people decide not to take action for whatever reason. Once someone finally did stand up and say something, they were told that it was all for a television show that is made to increase viewer’s awareness of the bystander effect.

The slide show also listed the five decision making steps that are necessary to take action. First, you must notice the event. Second you must interpret the event as a problem or emergency and then assume personal responsibility. Fourth, you must know how to help fix the problem you’ve encountered and lastly you must actually implement the help. After you’ve done these five steps, you have taken action!

Overall, the Action Matters training was an amusing and informative two hours that encouraged students to stand up and do something instead of opting out and hoping that someone else will take action.


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