Consent Matters- Pure Romance, the birds and bees your parents didn’t teach you

As many of you know, a substantial part of your college career is the relationships you build with other people. Especially the relationships you build with significant others or partners in your life. The key to making any type of relationship work is communication. Communication is necessary to have productive, healthy disagreements. It is necessary to be able to take relationships to a new level, to gain others trust. And believe it or not, communication is also a very important key to having a good sexual relationship.

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Reeve “Action Matters” Training

On February 12, I participated in the Reeve student employee’s spring training session. This semester the theme of the training was focused on one of the six Umatter facets, Action Matters.

The presenter, Mike Alterkruse, who works at the University Counseling Center, started the training off with a slide that stated the goals of Action Matters, which boils down to reducing the bystander effect.

An interesting part of the presentation that helped to shake us all of our Sunday sleepiness was a snow ball fight. Although not a literal snow ball fight, we still had fun by writing a few sentences about a time we may or may not have intervened in a situation on a piece of paper and then throwing it across the room.

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The UMatter Blog: Where Your Voice Matters

Hello everyone! My name is Mallory and I’m a senior Radio/TV/Film major here at UWO and I’m also the Social Media Coordinator for UMatter. If you start to read our blog regularly, you’ll probably catch a blog or two by me, so its nice to meet you! To meet the other UMatter bloggers, check out the student bloggers page.

First off, thanks so much for visiting our blog! Its brand new and we here at the UMatter Team have a lot of awesome goals and we hope that you will be a part of it.

Before I get into what you can expect from the UMatter blog, I thought I’d quickly explain to you what UMatter is, in case you’re not familiar with it. Then I’ll let you know what we’ll be blogging about and how you can get involved!

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